John McMurray on why public feedback stay important regardless of the looks that wildlife managers will not be listening.

I’ve been there…and it’s extremely irritating.

For months, you do your greatest to teach people on what are sometimes difficult fishery administration actions, explaining the choices/options which are on the desk and which one(s) will greatest defend the fishery and serve their/our pursuits.

You urge folks to point out up for public hearings…to write down letters. Inform them their voices make a distinction…that they should converse up and be heard. And in case you’re fortunate, quite a lot of folks will take time from their busy lives to write down what are typically private, detailed letters to managers, advocating for these choices/options that promote conservation. And typically, 1000’s of feedback help your place, whereas solely a handful help others.

But…in the long run, managers go a very completely different path.

It’s not simply irritating; it’s typically infuriating…nevertheless it’s common.

LINK (by way of Marine Conservation Community)

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