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If you happen to’re attempting to temp bass suspended in open water or holding just a little deeper alongside the underside, attempt yo yo fishing a lipless crankbait. This novel method means that you can work your crank at varied depths within the water column on the identical forged. Yo yo fishing a lipless crankbait, additionally known as yo-yoing a entice (since a Rat-L-Lure is likely one of the hottest lipless crankbaits of all time), will get your bait deep sufficient that these fish can see it, and the up-and-down motion triggers a predatory response.

Why is it referred to as yo yo fishing? Properly, you already know the traditional toy, proper? Up, down; up down. Yo-yoing a lipless crankbait makes the lure go up within the water column after which fall again down throughout the retrieve. However the place the toy does this in a purely vertical movement, in yo yo fishing, the up-down movement occurs over the size of a forged, which might actually set off strikes. So, right here’s the whole lot it’s essential to know begin yo yo fishing a crank—and catching extra fish.

Find out how to Yo Yo a Lipless Crankbait

To grasp yo yo fishing a lipless crank, it’s essential to first take into account how these lures are totally different from others. Lipless crankbaits are among the most versatile bass fishing lures of all time, particularly in terms of exhausting baits. They differ from different crankbaits in two main methods: First, they sink, the place different cranks float. Second, they don’t have payments, or lips, therefore the identify lipless crankbait.

The Authentic Rat-L-Lure is ideal for this method. Bass Professional Retailers

Crankbaits that float want a invoice in order that they are often cranked right down to a particular depth. However since a lipless crankbait sinks, it doesn’t want a invoice and may as an alternative be fished at all kinds of depths, relying on how lengthy you let it sink and the way slowly you reel it. You can even let it sink and pull it again up repeatedly all through the retrieve, which is what yo-yoing is all about.

To start out yo yo fishing, merely tie on a lipless crank, forged it out, drop your rod tip in the direction of the water’s floor whereas letting the bait fall a couple of seconds, after which pop your rod tip again up. Flip the reel deal with a couple of instances whereas dropping your rod tip and letting the bait fall once more for a pair seconds. Then pop your rod tip up once more. It’s loads like jig fishing, besides with a crankbait. As you repeat this course of, your bait will rip a couple of toes up and in the direction of the boat, after which fall a couple of toes vertically. Then dart up and in the direction of the boat once more, and fall once more. Up, down; up down.

How Yo Yo Fishing is Totally different

When fishing a lipless crankbait tremendous shallow, say in 2 toes of water or much less, a gentle retrieve is your solely possibility. You’ll principally maintain your rod tip excessive within the air and burn the bait again to maintain it from hanging on wooden, grass, or different particles alongside the underside. When fishing over submerged vegetation that’s sticking up 4 toes beneath the floor, as an illustration, you’ll reel your lipless crankbait just a little deeper at a reasonably regular tempo, proper alongside the highest of the grass. Chances are you’ll rip the bait free when it catches on the quilt, however you’re principally fishing it at one depth.

Yo yo fishing is totally different since you’re purposely fishing it at totally different depths all through the retrieve, and also you’re imparting a sure cadence to it—a rhythmic rising and falling of the bait that bass will key in on. You’ll discover when yo-yoing a entice that almost all of your bites come on the autumn. The bait seems to be injured and struggling to flee. When it makes a run, the bass is aware of that it’ll quickly falter and fall once more. That’s when the predator pounces and sucks in what it believes to be a dying shad.

When Yo Yo Fishing Works Finest

photo of a bass caught by yo yo fishing a trap
This largemouth fell to a Yo Zuri Rattl’N Vibe One Knock bait. Shaye Baker

This can be a nice method to make use of on fish which can be both suspended in open water at practically any depth, or are on the underside in additional than 5 toes of water. And it may be utilized in clear to stained water, although it turns into much less efficient in particularly muddy water.

Bass are very delicate to vibrations within the water, utilizing their lateral traces to detect motion and sounds. Lipless crankbaits have among the loudest rattles of all baits on the market, which make them simple for bass to focus on. The fish are additionally in a position to see these baits nicely, particularly the clearer the water or the extra vibrant or reflective the colour of the bait. Lastly, a bass’s eyes are on the highest of its head, which suggests it’s wanting up virtually all the time.

If you consider the sensitivity of a bass’s lateral line and the location of its eyes, after which mix the vibration and excessive visibility of a lipless crankbait with the interesting rhythmic motion of it arising and down over the fish’s head, it’s simple to see why yo yo fishing a entice works so nicely on bass which can be both suspended or sitting alongside the underside.

Finest Gear for Yo Yo Fishing a Crank

A medium to medium-heavy baitcasting rod within the 7- to 7- foot, 3- inch vary works greatest for yo yo fishing. The power and measurement of the perfect rod will fluctuate based mostly on the dimensions of the bass and the quantity of canopy you’re fishing round. An extended, stronger rod will aid you pull bass out of bushes, brush piles, and vegetation. However a shorter, softer rod will assist stop the bass from pulling free. So, when attainable, its good to err in the direction of the smaller combo.

photo of high speed baitcasting reel
A quick baitcasting reel like Lew’s Velocity Spool LFS helps you are taking up like rapidly whereas yo-yoing a entice.

A reasonably quick reel in a 7.5:1 gear ratio or larger works nicely for yo yo fishing a crank, as it would permit you to take up line rapidly between pulls of the bait, and aid you catch as much as a bass if it hits the bait on the autumn and takes off. Fluorocarbon line is a should right here, except fishing over or round heavy cowl. In most conditions when yo yo fishing a entice, the low visibility of fluorocarbon line together with the truth that it sinks (the place braided and monofilament traces float), makes fluoro the most effective choice for this method.

Virtually all lipless crankbaits work nicely for yo yo fishing. The aforementioned Invoice Lewis Rat-L-Lure is a superb possibility, as is the traditional Strike King Crimson Eye Shad. Baits within the 1/2-ounce vary are essentially the most versatile. The extra vital component is commonly deciding on the best colour and sound for the state of affairs. The clearer the water, the extra you’ll desire a pure colour or subtler sound. The extra stain there’s within the water, the extra it is best to search for a bait with some flash or vibrant colours and a extra aggressive sound.

The conditions by which you might have considered trying steer away from the usual practices must do with fishing stress. If there are loads of different folks fishing a lipless crankbait round you in clear water, don’t be afraid to make use of a vibrant and/or loud bait. And if the fish are extremely pressured in stained water, generally a subtler bait will get extra bites. However first, simply get on the market and begin yo yo fishing a crank till you catch a couple of; when you get a really feel for it, you should utilize this method to boat extra bass any time of the yr.

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