We don’t imagine in Bigfoot at MeatEater, however we’re rattling inquisitive about him. To see if a crew of staunch skeptics may very well be swayed, we gathered essentially the most revered Bigfoot authorities to reply our most urgent questions. That is half one in every of our eight-part collection, Ask a Squatcher.

I don’t imagine that the moon impacts the whitetail rut—there’s merely an excessive amount of science that tells us in any other case. However deep down, I’m all the time excited when the most recent “Moon Information” is launched and I’m keen to speak to hunters which are loyal to astronomy. I’ve the identical emotions about Bigfoot. You may assure once I’m flipping via the channels and there’s a present about Sasquatch, I’m dropping the distant. Typically I feel I’m extra inquisitive about Bigfoot (and moon phases) than individuals who truly imagine they’re actual.

Within the first version of “Ask a Squatcher,” I challenged our consultants to do their greatest to steer me he exists. Listed below are their solutions.

Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, Idaho State College
Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum is a professor of Anatomy and Anthropology. His lab in Pocatello, Idaho, homes over 300 footprint casts from a mysterious North American primate. He’s the creator of “Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science,” which explores the scientific proof for Bigfoot.

“Historic proof for the existence of Bigfoot takes the type of Native American accounts of a ‘wildman of the woods.’ Depictions are remarkably related throughout tribes contemplating the differing regional circumstances and interpretations. As European settlers pressed westward into the wilderness, they too reported encounters with wildmen, buggars, large bushy apes, mountain devils, and so on. Frontiersmen’s accounts had been normally spun as sensational newspaper tales that got little credence.

“From my perspective as a scholar of human bipedalism—our diversifications for strolling on two ft—the perfect up to date proof are the footprints that corroborate these tales of wildmen. One thing is leaving over-sized human-like footprints. They’re both hoaxed, misidentified, or the hint of an actual species. The distinctive anatomy, documented constantly over the previous 70 years, is compelling proof of the latter.”

Jeremiah Byron, Bigfoot Society Podcast
Jeremiah Byron is the host of the Bigfoot Society Podcast. His weekly present supplies a platform for the individuals who make it their life’s work to show that Bigfoot exists.

“My favourite proof is the Bigfoot nests which were discovered by Shane Corson and the members of the Olympic Undertaking in Washington State. Primatologists from unnamed zoos have been introduced into the nest areas and have mentioned that these nests are made by primates of some type because of their familiarity with how primates make constructions. This tells me that we’re coping with a big North American ape primate which merely has not been documented or captured because of the largely undiscovered and unexplored Pacific Northwest.”

Bigfoot nest photograph from Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum.

Ronny Le Blanc, Expedition Bigfoot
Ronny Le Blanc a number of Expedition Bigfoot on the Journey Channel. His staff claims to have Bigfoot proof that features hair samples, infra-sound vocalizations, footprints, nests, and thermal imagery. He’s the creator of “Monsterland,” a deep dive on the Bigfoot phenomena.

“A number of the greatest proof for Bigfoot continues to emerge from hikers, hunters, and people which are near nature. Witnesses claiming to be repeatedly visited by Sasquatch households have gotten extra commonplace. Stories of encountering bipedal, bushy, human-like creatures continues with none signal of slowing. On the subject of proof, the Patterson-Gimlin movie of 1967 nonetheless holds the crown because the undisputed champion of a Cryptid actuality. The Sierra Sounds recorded by Ron Moorehead and Al Berry is an honorable point out. Vocalizations beneath the vary of regular human listening to by an unknown animal in North America in addition to unimaginable thermal imagery has been captured by the staff of Expedition Bigfoot whereas on location final yr in Oregon.

“With reference to historic proof, quite a few Native American tribes all through North America acknowledge Sasquatch as an actual being. And it’s not simply right here—it’s a world phenomenon. Tribes throughout the US have descriptions and names for these Bigfoot creatures. A few of these are menacing like ‘Furry Cannibal,’ ‘Stone Giants,’ or ‘Wooden Satan.’ Different names are extra approachable, like ‘The Forest Folks,’ which describes Bigfoot as a creature that was revered and lived alongside. Information Keepers of the Hoopa Tribe of Northern California, for instance, listing the Seven Sacred Legal guidelines which act as the muse of the connection their folks have with nature. Every of those legal guidelines is visually represented by an actual animal. Included within the seven are a buffalo, an eagle, a bear, a beaver, a wolf, a turtle, and… a Bigfoot!”

Matt Moneymaker, Bigfoot Area Researchers Group
Matt Moneymaker is the founding father of the Bigfoot Area Researchers Group. His group has essentially the most complete sightings database on the planet, with almost 5,000 encounters reported within the final 25 years. He’s additionally a number of Discovering Bigfoot on Animal Planet.

“The very best proof that Bigfoots exist is a private matter. In case you’ve seen a Bigfoot up shut (like I’ve), then that’s the greatest proof by far. In case you haven’t seen a Bigfoot your self, however you attended the Skookum Expedition in 2000, then the Skookum Solid is the perfect proof for you. Previous to my shut encounter, the perfect proof was the howls and knocks I heard in Ohio. Previous to that, the tracks I noticed in particular person and the eyewitnesses I met had been the perfect proof.

“If you’re standing distant from the topic, then the perfect proof remains to be a collective factor. It’s the totality of the proof, not only one merchandise. In case you can solely view a single merchandise, and you’ll want to faux that it’s the one merchandise, then you need to in all probability watch Nationwide Geographic’s evaluation of the Patterson-Gimlin footage.”

Function graphic by Hunter Spencer.

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