A current Instagram video displaying a Komodo dragon inhaling a “deer” (which seems to really be a goat) is making the rounds as we speak. And why not? The weekend is nearly right here. You’ve labored exhausting. You deserve to observe animals gobbling up each other, and that is nearly as good a gobbling as any. It’s higher than most, actually, as a result of with snakes and alligators swallowing issues complete beginning to get a little bit outdated on social media, a Komodo dragon is a pleasant change of tempo. (I didn’t even know Komodo dragons had been such massive gulpers, however, then, I don’t know Komodo dragons.)

Individuals who do know them will not be so stunned by the video as a result of it seems that strolling round and slurping up mid- to large-size animals is fairly regular habits by the world’s largest lizards. In keeping with the Smithsonian Institute, their jaws hinge, and their stomachs increase, and their highly effective mouth and throat muscle tissue enable them to “swallow big chunks of meat with astonishing rapidity.” Dragons that attain 5 years outdated or older routinely chug down monkeys, goats, pigs, and Timor deer. Additionally they eat one another. (And as an attention-grabbing aspect be aware, they’re glorious on the reverse of swallowing, too. Komodo dragons can barf up complete animals at a second’s discover if they should flee shortly. Why an animal with venomous saliva that may swallow you complete must flee, I don’t know. However there it’s.)

However irrespective of how effectively you understand Komodos, this video is superb to observe. (Now that I consider it, it’s in all probability probably the most dedicated Komodo dragon followers who actually eat these items up.) Within the clip’s preliminary body, the large lizard lunges on the goat, which stumbles in an try to get away—and that’s when the dragon clamps down. Then, waddling, he carries his catch over to the sting of some brush, stops, and chug-a-lug-a-lugs the entire goat proper down. Mmmm. There’s a second when the dragon appears to take a look at the digicam, with solely the goat’s ft nonetheless protruding of its mouth, as if to say, “Give me a second” or “Yeah, that simply occurred,” after which he slurps down the ft, and that’s the tip of the video—and the goat.

It’s not an extended clip, so in case your Friday continues to be dragging on—and to show that Komodo dragons actually do go round gobbling up massive animal complete as an everyday factor—right here’s a pleasant round-up of Youtube vids displaying dragons gulping all type of issues, even a snake and a shark.

Watch a Komodo Dragon Devour a Deer

Watch a Komodo Dragon Gobble a Goat

That is really an extended (and flopped) model of the identical clip above, in case you needed extra element.

Watch a Komodo Dragon Swallow a Shark

Watch a Komodo Dragon Pound a Pig, Slurp a Snake, and A lot, A lot Extra

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