You wouldn’t need to get between these two heavyweights. That, no less than, is the primary takeaway from a latest video posted on Instagram by Nature is Steel. The video reveals two massive bears battling fiercely in a snowy forest. The bears growl and grunt at one another whereas utilizing their jaws and paws as weapons to batter one another. See it for your self beneath.

The bears within the video look like brown bears, regardless of the darkish colour of their fur. Brown bears are also referred to as grizzly bears. They’re the biggest species of bear in North America and may attain weights of over 700 kilos, in keeping with Nationwide Geographic. In comparison with black bears, brown bears will be recognized by a outstanding shoulder hump, lengthy claws, and brief, rounded ears.

“Brown bears have a posh social hierarchy, with dominant bears holding entry to the perfect sources, akin to meals and mates,” writes Nature is Steel within the video description. “When two bears struggle, they are going to use a wide range of techniques to determine dominance, akin to standing on their hind legs and roaring, swiping with their paws, or biting.”

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On this case, the bears transfer out of sight earlier than the battle ends, leaving the viewer to surprise who received the struggle. Nature is Steel didn’t disclose the place the incident occurred nor the title of the videographer. Both approach, the video is a sight to behold—and a testomony to the sheer energy of brown bears, that are identified to have one of many strongest bites on the planet.

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