There’s a purpose the time period “snake within the grass” is ubiquitous. And this footage reveals why. In January, Iris López posted a video on Instagram exhibiting a snake looking a seagull. “Rattling nature, you’re scary,” wrote López within the video’s description.

The start of the video is reasonably calm. A seagull walks on a small patch of sand subsequent to a physique of water. Then, a snake springs abruptly from a small patch of grass and latches its jaws down on the unlucky hen. The seagull struggles briefly because the snake wraps its physique round it earlier than slowly constricting it. The video ends by exhibiting the snake starting to swallow the seagull complete. In accordance with the video’s description, the incident happened in Australia.

Nature is Steel reshared the video on its Instagram web page on March 7 and recognized the hen as a black-billed gull. It’s not instantly clear what species of snake is proven within the video.

Regardless, the snake used a looking tactic widespread to serpents—constriction. In accordance with The Atlantic, some snakes have advanced to constrict and swallow prey—which is typically fairly giant—with out suffocating by shifting their ribs to attract in air.

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Australia is residence to 140 species of land snakes and 32 species of sea snakes, in line with the New South Wales Authorities. Round 100 of these snakes are venomous and 12 can dole out bites which have the potential to kill an individual.

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