Whereas know the best way to repair leaky waders could not essentially be that annoying whereas fly fishing through the summer time, leaky waders can develop into an actual hazard throughout duck looking or steelhead fishing. Leaky waders pose a excessive danger of constructing your day extra depressing and may even result in hypothermia if left unaddressed in chilly circumstances. 

Some could decide to purchase a brand new pair, and relying on the harm, that could be the best choice. Nevertheless, a small leak on a pair of waders is a straightforward repair that may lower your expenses and preserve your journey going based on plan. That method, it can save you your waders and proceed looking via the weekend whereas staying heat and dry. 

Keep in mind that one of the best ways to forestall leaks in your waders is realizing the best way to keep away from them. Not all waders have the identical stage of sturdiness, however irrespective of the model, they profit from correct storage and cleansing after use. Holding waders clear promotes longevity and prevents the supplies from prematurely breaking down. 

Tips on how to Restore a Small Puncture 

Small, pinhole punctures are a typical wader restore. Whereas they’re frequent, they are often difficult to find. 

Supplies wanted: 

Tips on how to restore pinhole punctures:

  1. Be certain that the waders are clear and dry. 
  1. Flip the waders inside out.
  1. Spray a superb mist of isopropyl alcohol on the suspected space of the leak.
    • Small, darkish spots ought to seem the place the opening is positioned. 
  1. Draw a circle across the recognized leak no less than ¼ inch away from the opening. 
  1. Permit isopropyl alcohol to dry. 
  1. Apply Aquaseal FD to the circled space utilizing the comb offered. 
  2. Let the Aquaseal dry and treatment for full waterproof capabilities (24 hours). 

Any waterproof urethane adhesive will work for this restore. For finest outcomes, observe the directions offered on the sealant.

Tips on how to Restore Rips and Tears 

Rips and tears are equally straightforward to restore, relying on their measurement. Most small rips are repairable with a patch. In case you are coping with a big restore space, we suggest contacting the wader firm for additional directions or to see in the event that they carry out repairs on their merchandise. 

Supplies wanted: 

Tips on how to restore small rips and tears: 

  1. Clear and dry the waders. 
  1. Flip the waders inside out. 
  1. Trim the offered restore patch that got here with the waders to be the suitable measurement. 
  1. Apply Aquaseal across the tear and push the sides collectively. 
  1. As soon as the Aquaseal adhesive feels cheesy, apply a patch to the realm. 
  1. Press the patch firmly, ranging from the center and dealing your method out. Be certain that no air bubbles are current beneath the patch. 
  2. Permit Aquaseal and patch adhesive to treatment and dry for about 24 hours.

To carry out this restore utilizing Tenacious Tape, apply adhesive to the within of the waders and tape to the skin. We choose performing one of these restore with a patch offered by the wader firm to match the kind of material and supply a greater bond. Most corporations supply aftermarket patches on the market if a patch equipment doesn’t come along with your waders. 


Q: Are you able to repair a leak within the wader stocking toes?

Sure, stocking toes could be repaired utilizing a patch for bigger holes or by generously making use of Aquaseal FD to the opening space. All the time give the adhesive sufficient time to treatment to make sure waterproofing. 

Q: Why do my waders preserve leaking?

Pinhole leaks or leaks within the stocking toes are frequent areas to search out wader leaks. These leaks could be attributable to studs in boots, lengthy toenails, folding or creasing wader supplies, improper storage, and rare cleansing. 

Q: Can neoprene be patched?

Sure, neoprene could be patched with the suitable restore supplies. Gear Help sells a really efficient iron-on neoprene patch that makes use of Tenacious Tape. It’s fast and easy to make use of. All you want to do is to chop the patch to measurement and use your family iron to bond the adhesive to the neoprene. 

Q: How lengthy ought to a pair of waders final?

A pair of mid-range waders with reasonable use ought to final no less than 3-4 seasons. For those who use waders much more or far much less, count on completely different time frames. Keep in mind that waders can have a protracted life if nicely maintained and by performing repairs. 

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