Chickens are the gateway animal for brand spanking new homesteaders and interest farmers, however pigs need to be a detailed second. You want somewhat extra to get began with pigs, however not quite a bit. Pigs want a spot to eat and sleep, a bodily construction that may preserve them the place they’re presupposed to be—and they’re infamous for making an attempt to push the boundaries of those buildings—and a shelter to guard them from wind and extreme moisture or warmth.

Pigs additionally want water for a number of functions. Like most residing issues, they should drink water to remain hydrated. However in addition they want water to make mud. Pigs wallow within the mud to assist thermoregulate and likewise assist shield their pores and skin from sunburns and bugs. Sadly, pigs don’t exhibit a powerful means to plan out and ration their water for these totally different functions.

Once I first bought pigs, I stuffed up a pool of water for my child pigs to soak and one other container for them to drink–naively pondering they might innately know the distinction between the 2. Once I bought house that scorching summer season day, I discovered two pigs severely dehydrated. That they had knocked over all sources of water and used the pool as a supply of shade–as a substitute of the particular construction that had been positioned of their pig pen for that function. I shortly discovered the significance of offering an enclosed, indestructible supply of water that impulsive pigs couldn’t dump over or chew up in order that they might all the time have loads of clear ingesting water obtainable.

By including a nipple waterer to a food-safe 55-gallon drum, I’m in a position to dramatically cut back the quantity of labor wanted to maintain my pigs as a result of I don’t need to water day by day because the barrel holds sufficient water for our pigs for no less than every week. I’ll place the drum within the shade in order that neither the nipple nor the water get too scorching in our Arkansas warmth and can put it on a cinder block to maintain it clear and away from the mud the pigs will inevitably get pleasure from. The pigs gained’t have the ability to knock this over, chew the nipple off, or muddy the water up by wallowing in it, and I could make watering a weekend job when I’ve extra time. It’s a win-win!

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