Canine days and catfish nights are a trademark of summer season, however the whiskered fish don’t simply chew when it’s balmy. They feed all winter lengthy underneath the ice and, when hooked on a lightweight jigging rod, put up a significantly better combat than trout or walleyes. The trick to catching a large number of them is getting the primary one on the road. After that, the motion needs to be drop-and-reel.

Catfish Ice Fishing Suggestions and Tips

  • Fish deep, hotter water close to construction.
  • Use glow-in-the-dark baits at night time.
  • Work baits on the underside to shake issues up.
  • Carry a large enough rod.

The way to Catch Catfish By means of the Ice

1. Fish deep, hotter water close to construction.

A catfish’s metabolism slows down significantly in winter. Consequently, they search out the warmest water, which is usually discovered within the deepest gap within the lake. When you discover one catfish, you’ll often discover a dozen or extra, all mendacity near the underside, tucked tight towards humps, rockpiles, or wooden construction.

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2. Use glow-in-the-dark baits at night time.

Identical to summertime cats, wintertime whisker fish are most lively at night time. Daybreak and nightfall are good, however in case you can stick it out till nicely previous sunset, you’re more likely to be rewarded. Cats underneath the ice additionally reply nicely to glow-in-the-dark baits and jigs, and the later it will get, the simpler these turn into.

3. Work baits on the underside to shake issues up.

Even for greater cats, smaller baits are extra productive, so stick to fathead minnows, juvenile chubs, and my favourite catfish bait: three or 4 waxworms threaded onto a tiny teardrop-style jig. Drop your baited jig all the way down to the underside and work it aggressively. This motion stirs up sediment and begins a feeding frenzy.

4. Carry a large enough rod.

Lean on longer rods to win hard-water cat fights. Catfish hooked on an ultralight combo are enjoyable to combat, however between the vitality of the fish and the necessity to work it up right into a gap within the ice, the angler typically loses the battle. For this sport, I depart the panfish rods residence and step as much as an extended, medium-action stick. The 29 1⁄2-inch Whiteout from 13 Fishing does an incredible job of wrenching winter cats by way of the arduous water.

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Continuously Requested Questions

Are you able to catch catfish within the winter?

Sure. A catfish’s metabolism slows down because the climate will get colder, nevertheless it’s nonetheless doable to focus on them in the course of the winter. Strive fishing deep hotter water and utilizing a jig to fire up the underside and entice the fish to strike. If you will discover one catfish underneath the ice, you’ll doubtless discover a entire bunch of them.

What’s the perfect bait for catfish within the winter?

When you’re ice fishing for catfish, attempt fathead minnows, juvenile chubs or three or 4 waxworms threaded onto a small teardrop-style jig. As mentioned earlier than, glow-in-the-dark baits can work very well after darkish. It doesn’t matter what bait you select, or what dimension fish you’re concentrating on, keep on with smaller-sized baits.

Is it higher to ice fish in deep or shallow water?

In relation to catching catfish by way of the ice, water depth is essential. Keep on with deep, hotter water moderately than shallow water. Catfish often feed 6 inches to 4 toes from the underside in the course of the winter. Relying on native laws, you need to use rigs like tip-ups to probe totally different depths without delay. You may also use a sonar or digicam to search out the place catfish are holding underneath the ice.

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