Do you’re keen on Swiss Cake Rolls and HoHos? Who doesn’t? These two traditional treats have been round for many years, however have you ever ever stopped contemplating their variations?

From their look to their style and diet content material, Swiss Roll and HoHos are surprisingly totally different.

On this weblog publish, we’ll discover these variations in order that the following time you attain for a snack, you possibly can resolve which is greatest in your wants. So let’s dive in and evaluate Swiss Roll vs. HoHos!

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What’s Swiss Roll?

Swiss Roll is a sponge cake rolled right into a cylindrical form from Liddle Debbie, excellent for chocolate lovers.

It usually has a white and brown design, with the white half on the surface and the brown on the within. It’s made with flour, sugar, butter or margarine, eggs, baking powder, milk, and meals coloring.

Diagram Of Swiss Roll

What’s Hoho?

HoHos is a childhood traditional snack cake manufactured by Hostess. It’s fabricated from chocolate cake, crammed with whipped cream filling, and rolled up into an rectangular form.

The surface is roofed in chocolate or fudge icing of various flavors. HoHos additionally comprise vegetable oil, skim milk, enriched bleached flour, sugar, cocoa powder, eggs, and different elements.

HoHos have been round for many years, and their reputation continues to develop—they’re now out there in grocery shops throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia!

What are the Variations Between Swiss Roll and Hoho?

Swiss Roll and HoHos are traditional pastries which were round for many years. They’re log-shaped truffles with a creamy spiral middle and a brown-white layering.

Whereas they could look related, some key variations between Swiss Roll and HoHos set them aside in look, style, texture, and diet.


Relating to look, Swiss Roll and HoHos share the identical iconic log form, with its telltale spiral on the within and alternating brown-white layers.

Although they’re fairly related in look, some slight nuances differentiate them.

In comparison with a HoHo, the symmetry of a Swiss Roll is much extra enticing. Its spiral-shaped design appears to be like modern and crisp whereas its floor is even with no ribs or bumps – supreme for individuals who desire neatness of their treats!

Moreover, it distinguishes between the place the white half ends and the chocolatey portion begins, making this pastry visually pleasing.


In terms of style, Swiss Roll and HoHos have loads of variations.

The obvious distinction is the chocolate taste; Swiss Roll has a extra intense and pronounced chocolate taste, whereas HoHos provides a milder, much less expressive style.

It is because the accent in HoHos is positioned on the creamy filling and cake layer, that are thicker than in Swiss Roll.

Moreover, Swiss Roll additionally has aider vary of flavors, similar to strawberry and vanilla, whereas HoHos is normally restricted to the traditional chocolate taste.


In terms of texture, Swiss Roll and HoHos have some variations. Swiss Roll has a smoother and extra symmetrical exterior, with no bumps or ribs on the floor.

Its spiral inside is tighter and extra steady than HoHos, making it seem neater.

The layers of white and brown are additionally clearly distinguished by Swiss Roll, whereas they’re barely mashed in HoHos.

HoHos has a ribbed floor, however it’s nonetheless clean general, and its inside spiral is looser than Swiss Rolls. Its filling and cake layers are additionally thicker in comparison with the thinner layers of Swiss Roll.


Relating to diet, Little Debbie Swiss Rolls and Hostess HoHos are each based mostly on an identical recipe, so a lot of their dietary values are fairly related. Nonetheless, just a few key variations between the 2 treats will help you identify which is greatest.

First, every product’s fats and energy can differ relying on the dimensions. Swiss Roll typically incorporates barely extra fats and energy resulting from their bigger dimension.

As well as, HoHos comprise extra carbohydrates than Swiss Roll, and Swiss Roll incorporates extra ldl cholesterol than HoHos. Nonetheless, each treats present small quantities of iron and protein. Lastly, HoHos comprise a little bit of calcium, whereas Swiss Roll doesn’t.

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