A 16-foot feminine python has laid a record-breaking nest or “clutch” of 96 eggs. For reference, the common python in Florida has clutch sizes of twenty-two to 84 eggs, making this, based on the examine, “the biggest variety of eggs in a single wild python nest recorded up to now in Florida.” 

Burmese pythons are elusive and exhausting to search out and observe. This snake was studied utilizing a radio transmitter put in by researchers from the Fort Collins Science Middle and USGS Science Middle in South Florida. The researchers have been fortunate when the snake started to nest in Huge Cyprus Nationwide Protect.  

“We have been keen on placing radio transmitters on a few of her younger,” Dr. Amy A. Yackel Adams, a analysis ecologist and member of the workforce who discovered the python, advised F&S. The workforce was in a position to set up transmitters on a few of the younger, which they hope will “inform inhabitants fashions to enhance administration,” says Adams. “We wish to higher perceive if there are vulnerabilities of their completely different life levels that we might faucet into.”

Of the eggs within the nest, 83 appeared to have hatched and 13 have been intact however nonviable. The eggs and eggshells have been faraway from the sphere and preserved. “The truth that a 16-foot python might have 96 eggs, exhibits their reproductive potential to be actually excessive,” Adams says. 

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The snakes’ voracious urge for food and huge clutch sizes spell hassle for the Better Everglades Ecosystem. Florida’s invasive pythons have been identified to swallow deer and have decimated native animal populations within the area. Adams is assured that discovering a snake with such excessive reproductive potential, whereas a fortunate discover, is extra widespread than researchers have been in a position to file. She says the fertile python is probably going “one in every of many.”

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