Acquiring dependable estimates of post- launch mortality in billfishes has solely turn out to be potential within the final 25 years or so, largely as a result of improvement of digital tagging tools (acoustic and satellite tv for pc tags) that enables more practical monitoring of tagged fish. As well as, whereas there have been a number of well-conducted research which have investigated billfish post-release survival utilizing this expertise, the excessive value of digital tags has precluded giant numbers of billfish from being tagged in any single research, which subsequently limits the quantity of statistical inference that may be derived from every research.

Nevertheless, a research by Dr. Michael Musyl and colleagues printed within the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences compiled the outcomes of 49 unbiased research right into a single meta-analysis to estimate post-release survival in six species of billfish. This research included billfish caught on leisure and industrial fishing gear.

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