Persons are unusual about weapons. I can level out that the Marlin 336 is a greater lever-action rifle than the Winchester Mannequin 94 and again up the declare, and that the Savage 99 (rotary-magazine model) is best than the Marlin, however that won’t alter the Mannequin 94’s standing as the deer rifle of all time.

Once I joined the Military in 1963, it was transitioning from the M1 Garand to the M-14, and there have been an incredible many troopers nonetheless serving who had fought World Battle II and Korea with the M1 and detested the M-14, though it was a greater rifle. And you could possibly not persuade them in any other case.

This text is all concerning the many failings of the Remington Mannequin 742 Woodsmaster, however the truth is that the Mannequin 742 and its descendants have been extremely profitable rifles, and lots of people love them and wouldn’t use the rest, and, to them, my lecturing on the gun’s shortcomings gained’t quantity to a fart within the wind. However that gained’t cease me farting.

How the Remington Jamomatic Received Its Popularity

When you hunt deer with a Remington autoloading rifle, your gun was most probably made after 1955, when the corporate launched the Mannequin 740 Woodsmaster. (In any other case, you’re one among a dwindling few who nonetheless carries the previous and groundbreaking Mannequin 8, or 81, and are off the hook for this dialogue.) The 740 was produced for 4 years and changed in 1960 by the Mannequin 742 Woodsmaster, which most individuals are extra accustomed to. Just like the 740, the 742 was smooth and streamlined, with a gas-operated motion just like that of the Mannequin 1100 shotgun, which might debut in 1963. The 742 was an unlimited success. A million, 4 hundred thousand have been bought. It was fast-firing, soft-recoiling, and seemingly supreme for deer hunters who cruised the massive woods. Vermonter Larry Benoit, who got here to nice fame as a taker of stupefying whitetails, used a 742 with an enormous rear peep and a gold entrance sight. However the Woodsmaster was flawed. It typically didn’t work very nicely. Or work in any respect.

Remington’s household of recent autoloading rifles. From prime to backside: the 740, 742, 7400, Mannequin 4, and 750. Rock Island Public sale Firm

The 742 was adopted in 1980 by the 7400, which was additionally referred to as Woodsmaster, after which by the Mannequin 750, and like so many Remington rifles and shotguns, they didn’t work very nicely. Collectively, these weapons are so reliably unreliable that they’re referred to as Jamomatics. To be truthful, the Remington autos should not alone on this respect. The Ruger Deerstalker is infamous for jamming. The Winchester Mannequin 100 is chargeable for many an animal dying of previous age. I hunted with a Browning BAR proprietor whose rifle was continually giving him grief, albeit the gun was stored in a state of Terminal Filth.

I consider that semi-auto reliability issues lie as a lot as with the individuals who use the weapons as with the rifles themselves. As a rule, hunters who purchase semi-autos haven’t any religion of their marksmanship. They by no means shoot besides to sight of their rifles earlier than opening day. Once they do sight in, it’s typically at 50 yards (“Why go farther?”) at a paper plate (“If I can hit that I can hit a deer.”). I witnessed the outcomes of this strategy years in the past in Wyoming, when a station wagon with Pennsylvania plates stopped on the prairie so one among its passengers, armed with a 742, may put the ability to a younger and probably brain-damaged buck antelope at 90 yards or so. The yahoo with the auto rifle fired 18 rounds, which kicked up mud across the bemused beast, after which lastly killed the poor factor with the nineteenth shot, leaving one spare within the field simply in case. His associates taped the debacle, and little doubt replayed it that evening to howls of merriment.

Nimrods of this stripe go residence from the hunt and put their rifles away with out cleansing them. If the weapons have been rained or snowed on, they’re put away moist. If their house owners do oil them, they squirt it on by the pint and are doubtless to make use of the identical goop that goes into the snow blower, or with WD-40, which is assured to gum up within the chilly. Given this sort of therapy, you possibly can hardly blame an auto for jamming.

To not let the 742-family of Jamomatics off the hook. They’re bother ready to occur. Listed here are a few of the commonest complaints:

  • The detachable-box magazines malfunction.
  • The chambers rust.
  • The actions are delicate to gathered sludge, powder fouling, and over-oiling, and are tough to wash adequately.
  • The rifles are delicate to the ammunition they’re fed. Use the improper make and bullet kind and also you’re in bother.
  • If carbon is allowed to build up on the bolt face, the extractors can break. Or the extractors can break simply because they really feel prefer it. Or, for selection, they will lower by means of the case rim.
  • In some cases, the circumstances are yanked out of the chamber prematurely.
  • The triggers are heavy and mushy. There’s no hope for the manufacturing unit set off. Because of this Timney is in enterprise.

Simply Ask a Gunsmith About Remington Jamomatics

As a result of laymen and gunsmiths don’t have a look at firearms in the identical method, I requested my long-time buddy and gunsmith John Blauvelt to weigh in. John has been repairing Remington autos for 40 years:

The 742 has a fuel system that nobody ever maintains or reads the proprietor’s handbook on find out how to clear it. A lot of the 742s I see are available every week earlier than deer season with their fuel blocks rusted to the bolt slide/provider, or the chamber has rusted so it gained’t take a cartridge. This comes from placing the rifles away soiled and moist and leaving them to rust all 12 months till the following deer season. The fuel examine ball within the fuel block will carbon up and rust, after which it’s a bear to get out to have the ability to clear the fuel ports.

The 742 makes use of a 9-lug locking bolt head that, when it slams all the best way again, twists, and the lugs bang into the bolt-guide grooves and chew them up so badly that they will’t be repaired. You’ll want a brand new receiver, besides you possibly can’t get one any extra. The fireplace-control unit and set off guard are fabricated from solid aluminum, so should you drop the rifle on the set off guard it would break. Additionally, the bolt locks open by contacting the empty journal. If in case you have your finger contained in the ejection port whenever you take away the journal, the bolt will slam ahead and smash your finger.

Why Check Destiny With a Jamomatic?

When you tour the firearms web sites, you’ll find yourself baffled. For each shooter who has been betrayed by a Remington auto rifle it appears, there’s one who has hunted with one for years and is completely pleased with it. (Observe, nonetheless, that the individuals who go on these web sites should not the kinds to neglect their weapons.)

Alternatively, there are many horror tales. When you learn the identical tales again and again and over, a sample emerges, and it’s this: Conventional looking autoloading rifles appear extra liable to malfunction than levers, pumps, or bolts, and the chances that one thing will go improper are fairly good, even with a gun that’s correctly maintained. ARs are in a unique class. I’ve seen just a few low-cost ones that have been rubbish, however the good ones, handled proper, will shoot perpetually and by no means miss a beat. And if one thing does go improper, it’s often a fairly straightforward repair.

The one “benefit” Jamomatics provide is a quick second, third, and fourth shot. However whenever you pull the set off on a sport animal, the difficulty is sort of at all times determined with the primary shot. When you wound the animal, or miss altogether, speedy hearth will often not assist. Earlier than you ship that subsequent shot, you must determine what went improper and find out how to right. As soon as-a-year shooters can no extra do that than they will fly. Their response is to enter panic mode and preserve pulling the set off till the rifle goes click on. (Assuming it hasn’t jammed within the meantime.) Competent riflemen can get off repeat pictures so quick with bolts and levers and pumps that an auto gives no benefit.

Sitting in my gun closet, retired with nice honor after 26 years of fixed, heavy use is a deadly-accurate Remington 700 .30/06 that’s now nicely into its second barrel, which signifies that it’s cycled one thing like 7,500 rounds. I’ve fired every little thing by means of it however Minie balls and tracer below each situation conceivable. It’s by no means failed.

Why would I need a Jamomatic?

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