My editors have knowledgeable me that my current article on the failings of the Remington 742 household of autoloaders could have crammed a few of you with concern and trembling, insupportable nervousness, and deep-seated emotions of dread. Apparently, they simply wished me to know. Or they need to preserve me on the pc and off the streets of Portland. In any occasion, this follow-up article is about an alternate Remington rifle that appears like an auto, type of, shoots as quick and perhaps quicker, and is dependable to a fault. I’m referring to the Forgotten Weapons—the Remington Mannequin 760/7600 slide-actions.

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Pump-Motion Rifles and the Remington 760/7600

It’s paradoxical that pump-action shotguns have been vastly profitable for a really very long time however pump-action rifles haven’t achieved almost as effectively. Colt made a decided effort from 1884 to 1904 with its Lightning rifle, nevertheless it was outcompeted by Winchester and Marlin lever-actions. Remington jumped into the breech with their Mannequin 14 pumps, which lived from 1913 to 1950. They had been good rifles, however sophisticated, and subsequently costly to supply. From 1970 to 1981 Savage turned out the Mannequin 170 pump, a vaguely miserable economic system rifle whose entry-level breeching system restricted it to the .30/30.

Remington pumps from prime to backside: a Mannequin 14, 760, Six, and 7600. Rock Island Public sale Firm

Apart from that, it’s been all Remington. Their fashionable slide-actions started in 1952 with the Mannequin 760, which was a significant success. It was pretty light-weight, chambered for all kinds of cartridges, didn’t break the bank, and was way more dependable than the 742 autoloader. The 760 had its faults, nevertheless. The set off was each dreadful and incurable. The fore-end rattled and clattered. It kicked greater than its gas-operated cousin. It shared the 742’s multi-lugged bolt head, which typically shredded receiver rails. As for accuracy, these rifles weren’t unhealthy, and infrequently you would discover one which shot very effectively. A gun-writing pal of mine as soon as rounded up three .30/06 Mannequin 7600s (the successor to the 760 and basically the identical rifle) and a bunch of assorted ammo, and shot teams with the three. He concluded that none was “inaccurate sufficient to overlook a buck at 200 yards,” however neither had been the type of rifles “more likely to wad the bullets up into tight little teams, both.”

In the long run, your common Remington pump gun is not going to maintain as much as at this time’s accuracy requirements, however, then, why ought to it? Most hunters who carry them lately are chasing woods whitetails, and for that, they’re as correct, or extra so, than they have to be.

Remington discontinued the Mannequin 760 in 1981 and adopted it with the Mannequin Six and the Mannequin 76 pumps, neither of which received anybody’s coronary heart or thoughts and quickly vanished. The ultimate iteration of the road, the 7600, appeared in 1987. As finest I can inform, it’s the 760 with a two-lug bolt that doesn’t chew up the receiver, and if I’m studying the present Remington Arms catalog appropriately, it’s additionally historical past, as the corporate is now making solely Mannequin 700s and muzzleloaders.

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Reward for the Pump Motion

When in comparison with autoloading rifles, just like the Remington 742 and it’s kin, there’s loads to be stated in favor of the pump. First, pumps are very, very quick. It’s fairly attainable {that a} slide motion, labored by a talented hand, can hearth quicker than an auto. As there are numerous extra pump-action shotguns than rifles, we’ll flip to them for examples. Herb Parsons, Winchester’s nice exhibition shooter, may throw seven clay targets within the air and break them earlier than they hit floor, utilizing a Winchester Mannequin 12 pump gun.

Entice shooters know that with the intention to break the second goal at doubles, it’s important to get Shot Quantity Two within the air not more than a nanosecond after Shot Quantity One has cleared the muzzle. The late Rudy Etchen, a Trapshooting Corridor of Famer and perhaps the best doubles shooter of all time, used a Remington Mannequin 870 pump. (Etchen, who was rich, was as soon as requested why he didn’t dump the 870 and use a pleasant, costly over/below like everybody else. “If I did,” stated Rudy, “then what would I do between photographs?”)

Then there’s reliability to contemplate. I’ve already howled in regards to the Remington Jamomatic’s dreadful report on this regard, and I received’t howl additional, besides to say that it stand is sharp distinction to the identical firm’s dead-reliable pumps. The pump-action mechanism is easier and fewer liable to failure, in a rifle or a shotgun, and it’s apt to maintain working for longer too. In 1973 I had the privilege of assembly Ned Lilly, whose capturing profession started in 1929 and who was inducted into the Trapshooting Corridor of Fame in ‘73, and he confirmed me the one shotgun he had used for his total profession. It was a Winchester Mannequin 12, and he claimed to by no means have cleaned it. “What number of shells have you ever put via it?” I requested. He paused and thought a second. “1,000,000 or so,” was the reply.

The armed forces and the police, from the First World Warfare till 1999, by no means issued something however pump-action shotguns. For half a century the Winchester Mannequin 12 Heavy Duck Gun was the premiere waterfowl shotgun. All others paled earlier than it. When the ice and snow and sleet got here calling, that was what you wished in your frozen arms. I believe you get my drift right here.

However in case you already shoot a 760 or a 7600, I’m telling you belongings you already know. Individuals use them as a result of they work. Granted the rifles aren’t aesthetic triumphs, and also you couldn’t shoot one at Camp Perry and do a lot good, however so what? If you happen to carry a Remington pump and also you see a deer at 200 yards or much less, he’s in serious trouble as a result of whenever you pull the set off, the rifle goes to go bang, and in case you want a second shot, you possibly can name one up very, very quick. All of that counts for an ideal deal, which is why these of us received’t use anything.

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