When Professional Tackles, Inc. launched Molix’s Stick Flex to the angling world throughout the summer season of 2020, it caught the eye of a goodly variety of Midwest Finesse anglers, who needed to know extra about it.

To garner that info, we contacted Paolo Vannin of the Molix USA Company of Sewell, New Jersey. And he offered us with some particulars and samples to work with and write about.

Here’s what we found in regards to the Stick Flex.

Molix is an Italian firm that’s headquartered in Molinella, Bologna, Italy.

Their Stick Flex is manufactured with a fabric that known as Molix Method, which is an especially buoyant, versatile, and sturdy soft-plastic compound. It’s sturdy sufficient to endure quite a few donnybrooks with largemouth, smallmouth and noticed bass.

It’s 2 13/16 inches lengthy. Within the eyes of Midwest Finesse anglers, it’s a stick-style bait that replicates the form of a sharpened pencil. Thus, its posterior part and the tip of this part displays a conical form, and its anterior part has the form of a spherical pencil.

Its anterior part is 1 3/8 inches lengthy. This cylindrical-shaped part is adorned with 10 segments or ribs. Every section has a thickness of about one-eighth of an inch. The tip of the primary section, which is its head, is flat with a slight indentation, and it has a diameter of three-eighths of an inch and a circumference of about 1 1/6 inches. The fifth section, which is five-eighths of an inch from the tip of the pinnacle, has a width of about seven-sixteenths of an inch and a circumference of about 1 3/16 inches. The tenth section or its ultimate section has a width of about three-eighths of an inch and a circumference of about 1 3/16 inches. The dorsal and ventral areas of the anterior part are similar.

The scale of the posterior part turn into dramatically smaller because it approaches the tip of the tail.

The primary thirteen-sixteenths of an inch of the posterior’s ventral space is endowed with what Molix calls 10 micro flaps, that are separated by 12 vital indentations. These indentations have a depth that ranges from barely greater than one-sixteenth of an inch to barely lower than one-sixteenth of an inch.

The posterior’s dorsal part possesses six segments, or ribs, which have a thickness of about one-eighth of an inch, and they’re just like the segments that adorn the anterior’s dorsal and ventral areas.

The posterior’s ultimate one-half of an inch displays the motif of a finely sharpened pencil. Its dermis is clean, and the dorsal and ventral areas are similar.

The Molix Method of plastic and the segments and micro flaps intensify the Stick Flex’s potential to quiver and undulate provocatively.

It’s accessible within the following hues: Chartreuse, Cola, Gold Ayu, Inexperienced Pumpkin, Orange Pumpkin, Wakasagi, Watermelon Crimson/Black Flake, and Watermelon Silver/Shad.

The bait is impregnated with salt and a shrimp scent.

The producer’s steered retail value for a package deal of six is $4.99.

Anglers will affix the Stick Flex to a mushroom-style jig with an uncovered hook, which is able to enable them to current it to bass with all six of the usual Midwest finesse retrieves. And Flex Stick’s buoyant qualities will improve its potential to seductively glide as these anglers are executing the swim-glide-and-shake retrieve.

What’s extra, some anglers will sometimes affix the Stick Flex’s posterior part to a mushroom-style jig. These anglers have found that for some unknown motive, there will probably be spells when the rear-end rigging will elicit extra strikes than the pinnacle rigging will garner. Subsequently, when the anterior part of a Stick Flex turns into too tattered and torn to remain affixed to a mushroom-style jig, these anglers will reserve it to make use of for rear-end purposes.

Because the Stick Flex turn into well-worn, the impregnated salt will dissipate, and that can make it extra buoyant and heighten its potential to glide as it’s being retrieved.


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