Right now we’re trying out the Camo Damsel, tied by Steve Cullen. The damsel is a fly that’s carefully associated to the dragon fly and if you see a torrent of electrical blue damsel flies darting across the floor, that is if you’ll know it is the beginning of Summer season. Damsels are a giant a part of a Trout’s eating regimen and in case you are fortunate you may typically catch Trout, leaping out of the water to seize low flying damsels. Nevertheless, the aquatic nymph type of a damsel is what trout feed on probably the most. The nymph type of a Damsel is a slightly sluggish swimmer and this makes them ideally suited prey for a hungry Trout. Moreover, in contrast to dragon fly nymphs, which propel themselves ahead by forcing water out of their bottom, damsel nymphs quickly transfer their stomach and wiggle their tails to realize propulsion!

It is really useful that anglers attempt to replicate this motion by doing lengthy retrieves, adopted by a pause. Keep in mind to additionally elevate your fly slowly, as a result of there could possibly be a trout following your fly, able to strike at an escaping damsel! Get a number of of those prepared in your fly field, they’re going to present outcomes!

The entire supplies wanted to tie this fly can be found from Glasgow Angling Centre as listed beneath, however as at all times, in the event you want any assist discovering supplies or substitutes then we’ll be completely satisfied to assist. Time to tie the Camo Damsel, with the steering of Steve Cullen.

Supplies Used:

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