Gizzards appear to be a love-it or hate-it protein. To me, they’re quite a bit like hearts—hard-working muscle, dense with taste. However in contrast to hearts, they’re additional chewy. There are a couple of approaches to cooking gizzards; the tactic you select will rely in your finish objective and jaw power. You possibly can tenderize them, or you possibly can embrace the chewiness and prepare dinner them straight up.

This fried gizzard recipe has an non-compulsory step for tenderizing, which actually will make it extra palatable for almost all of eaters. However when you’re a kind of weirdos like me that likes additional chewy and crunchy meals, you possibly can skip that step, which inevitably will imply fewer gizzards that it’s important to share.

First, clear the gizzards. You need to take away the plate and the silver pores and skin from the edges of every half. Give them a very good rinse to do away with any gravelly bits. With duck gizzards, you possibly can simply cut up them in half, however with goose or turkey gizzards, reduce them down into ¼-inch thick, bite-size items. Right here’s a useful video on cleansing gizzards as properly.

From right here, you might have the selection of frying them uncooked or braising first for extra tender bites. If, like me, you order the fried gizzards each time you are in a gasoline station that serves fried rooster, you possibly can skip the braise. In any other case, you’ll most likely just like the braised model extra.

Whether or not you braise or fry them uncooked, these double-breaded fried gizzards have all of the traits of fine fried rooster. The additional crispy breading maximizes the sauce-to-meat ratio. And no matter your opinion on gizzards, everybody loves deep-fried crispiness.

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