In the case of fishing giant our bodies of water, breakwalls are a favourite spot for shore anglers looking for deeper water and larger fish.

“Though breakwalls are designed for shoreline erosion safety and to offer protected harbor, some are additionally designed with a twin or secondary objective of offering angling entry,” mentioned skilled fishing information and educator Jeff Liskay.

Odds are good that when you scan a breakwall, you will note quite a lot of anglers attempting their luck. Breakwalls are the right setting for fishing huge lakes close to city areas and cities, and the shared fishing area creates a way of group. Breakwalls additionally present glorious entry to varied species, together with yellow perch, largemouth and smallmouth bass, steelhead trout, walleyes, and plenty of extra.

However how do you discover a good breakwall, what gear do you want, and the way do you fish it? Whether or not you are a novice focused on giving breakwall fishing a attempt, or a seasoned breakwall vet, Liskay supplies professional tips about the best way to get probably the most out of the expertise.

Discover a Good Breakwall

In accordance with Liskay, there’s an artwork to discovering the best breakwall to fish. On the whole, the most effective breakwalls present entry to deeper water—and extra fish.

Fishing breakwalls

By way of the place he units up his breakwall base camp, he seems for deterioration from mom nature, these chunks of rocks which can be troublesome to traverse. He scouts out fallen items of rock and stone that create construction for baitfish, nearly like a mini reef.

“When the waves hit the breakwall, it kinds a lifeless zone,” he mentioned. “That is the rationale why the bait congregates there, and the massive fish observe the baitfish.”

One other key scouting query he asks himself is whether or not he can land a fish from his fishing spot. He’ll search for flat rocks, perhaps even rocks situated slightly below the water, and use these as a platform. The stones might be slick and slippery, so use warning.

Liskay will typically put on waders to get his rod tip nearer to the water, the place the wind and rocks are much less impactful on casting and retrieving. This technique reduces snags and improves casting accuracy. Clearly, it is important to make use of common sense to discover a protected and steady platform from which to fish.

Gear Up for Success

Since most breakwall entry includes strolling a distance out of your car, it is important to carry the best gear to achieve success.

When gearing up, he prefers low upkeep, low-cost choices.

Rod and reel combo – Liskay makes use of an extended rod, a minimum of 7 1/2 to eight 1/2 ft in size. The lengthy rod helps him solid farther and maneuver lures (and hooked fish) across the breakwall rocks. Most manufacturers with a medium-light to medium motion will work simply high quality.

Fishing Breakwalls

He likes utilizing a 2500 to 3000 measurement spinning reel to make longer casts. He recommends a sound drag system since a part of the battle happens close to the rocks, however the reel does not must be expensive.

String up an excellent 8- to 10-pound take a look at line. He prefers the heavier take a look at because the 10-pound is barely extra abrasion resistant. On the finish of the road, tie on a Duolock relatively than a snap swivel to swap-out lures simply.


Crankbaits/Jerkbaits/Stickbaits: Reef Runners, Rapalas, and Smithwicks are strong choices. These lures are staples for walleye, largemouth, and smallmouth. Colours range and embrace chrome/blue, clown, shad, and a white stomach coloration to mimic baitfish.

Liskay Professional Tip: Be sure there’s some cadence to the lure retrieval. Create an erratic rhythm utilizing rod motion, reel motion, or each. Use a number of variations of a ‘go, go, pause,’ retrieval technique. The pause is crucial—and play with the timing of retrieval. Ensure you take an extended sufficient pause.

Spoons: Okay.O. Wobblers and Little Cleos are dependable in colours like chrome blue and silver, chrome and chartreuse, orange, and inexperienced and white.

Liskay Professional Tip: As a result of these are sinking lures, rely them all the way down to the column of water you need to fish. Tie on a spoon, solid it out, and go away the bail open to rely down the spoon to the underside. When you get the depth, then you may experiment with totally different counts. For those who’re throwing near rocks, simply splash it and go.

Plastics: The go-to choices are colours like pumpkinseed to match gobes and baitfish colours like pearl and white. Tornado tails, tube jigs, and swimbaits are all glorious selections.

Liskay Professional Tip: Paddle tail swimbaits are a favourite off the wall. Methods embrace bringing them straight again, jigging them off the underside, and staircasing them up the rocks.

Web and instruments: An extended internet is crucial, and hold a pair of pliers helpful for hook elimination.

Liskay Professional Tip: One of many greatest challenges of fishing a breakwall is touchdown the fish. Work beneath the idea that you will catch fish and take into consideration the best way to get that fish in safely when you’re alone. The buddy system additionally works, whether or not it is with a fishing accomplice or a close-by angler who affords a serving to hand.

Fish a Breakwall Methods and Suggestions

Earlier than you rush on the market, take visible surveillance of the environment, then you may scout out a great spot.

Do not solid instantly out into the lake. Forged on a diagonal and retrieve your lure parallel to the rocks you probably have entry (however do not encroach on different anglers).

Complacency is the enemy. Work your method up and down the wall.

Fishing Breakwalls

Search for birds close by feeding on baitfish and the occasional fish feeding on the floor. For those who’re an astute listener, you’ll hear some fish splash the floor, and surfacing fish is an effective signal of feeding exercise close by.

Fish the invisible construction of soiled and clear water. Fishing is healthier on days when the water has a little bit thriller higher than on crystal clear days.

Count on the hits to be a little bit faster and extra aggressive whenever you’re fishing nearer to the rocks. Predatory fish depend on stealth and ambush ways.

Get the lure working. The fish might observe it because it modifications pace and can hit it on the final second, within the ultimate 5 to 10 cranks.

Test for the most effective climate circumstances. Fishing is usually greatest whenever you’re a little bit cautious of being on the rocks. Windy circumstances give predator fish a bonus over their prey. An excellent 1- to 3-foot chop and a light-weight to average wind of 8 to 12 mph are good.

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