We’re on the third and last episode in our sequence on the Shawnee chief, Tecumseh. He’s been referred to as the best Native chief in American historical past, however we’ve discovered ourselves backed towards the bedrock of inevitability. On this aspect of mortality, all nice males and their tales should come to finish. On this episode we’ll discuss with Peter  Cozzens, Robert Morgan, Dave Edmunds and Shawnee Chief Ben Barnes about that fateful day in October 1813, however maybe extra related to us at the moment, we’ll discover the methods through which we keep in mind historical past typically taking part in tips with our conscience to console an uncomfortable previous. Was the picture of the Shawnee mirrored again to America actually him all? And we’ll distinction the best way completely different cultures view their nice males – not everybody does it the identical. Lastly, and on the wild meter of curiosity it’s pinned within the crimson, Shawnee Chief Ben Barnes will inform us the imaginative and prescient and mission of modern-day Shawnee Nation. Boys, I actually doubt you’re going to need to miss this one. 

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