Winter sauger are frequent in lots of riverine environments all through the pure and prolonged vary of their bigger cousin, the walleye. Not like walleye, nevertheless, sauger typically are ignored. Worse, they’re generally thought of a nuisance. For those who’ve by no means given sauger a good probability, listed here are a few causes to rethink. They chunk effectively when walleyes will not. They chunk aggressively and are nice to eat. Earlier than you may catch them, although, it’s a must to discover them.

Deal with

Rod: 6- to 6-1/2-foot medium-power spinning rod

Reel: medium-capacity spinning reel with a long-cast spool

Line: 6- to 10-pound-test abrasion-resistant mono, or 6- or 8-pound Berkley Fireline


Huge sauger in rivers do not maintain with the small boys. Smaller sauger typically inhabit the deepest obtainable swimming pools, holes, or main-river basin areas. Larger sauger cruise the identical haunts walleyes frequent, however arrive and feed on these spots early or late within the day, or for extra prolonged durations on nasty, windy, precipitous days. Search for the largest sauger on the head of structural parts like gravel bars, sandbars, factors, holes, and humps. In addition they maintain to the present aspect of structural parts greater than walleyes do, and so they inhabit areas of present that walleyes keep away from.

In reservoirs, sauger inhabit flats close to main-lake factors. Sometimes, they’re belly-to-bottom on sand, gravel, or rubble within the 30- to 40-foot vary. In deep western reservoirs, sauger are likely to tuck into the primary one or two coves of important creek arms behind main factors on the primary physique of the reservoir.


The most important sauger in any given space are likely to place in or close to slight to reasonable present on the head of buildings. If potential, place the boat by anchoring abreast of those key areas. Solid above and past them, dragging or popping the jig downstream and throughout the component, which retains the jig within the sauger’s line of imaginative and prescient for the longest potential time. The place present permits, positioning with a trolling motor whereas casting works as effectively or higher. In reservoirs, dragging a jig throughout the flats normally triggers extra fish. Experiment with erratic retrieves, however maintain your jig transferring slowly on or simply above the underside the place sauger feed.

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