As we transition from winter to spring, I’ve been craving slow-cooked meat that might shred aside simply with a fork, with out having to braise it in one other wintery stew or smoke it on the BBQ pit.

Impressed by Cuban roasted pork, I got here up with this simple methodology for cooking a wild hog leg within the oven, wrapped in pink butcher paper that enables it to breathe with out drying out. It’s seasoned with a mix of spices and drizzled with a garlicky mojo, an orange and lime condiment that makes use of the very best of winter’s citrus.

I prefer to serve it with white rice and black beans, or inside a tortilla as a pulled hog taco. Whereas there’s not plenty of energetic cooking time concerned, it’ll take a full day to brine and about 10 hours to roast, so plan accordingly!

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