Patagonia declares the publication of Cracked, a reckoning of America’s misguided makes an attempt to manage water and an activist’s information for liberating our rivers

All through historical past, mankind has dammed rivers at the price of wild fish, Indigenous peoples, forested land, and wholesome watersheds. Including to the havoc of at present’s climate-change-induced climate extremes and water shortages, science says there’s no future for the enterprise of dam-building. A brand new guide from Patagonia presents hope for the dam elimination motion and the way it will contribute to the mitigation of the local weather disaster. After we free the rivers, watersheds are restored, and Earth heals itself.

Coming Could 2nd, Cracked: The Way forward for Dams in a Sizzling, Chaotic World, creator Steven Hawley, an Oregon-based environmental journalist and documentary filmmaker, delivers the complete, ugly reality about dams and presents a pathway towards liberating our rivers.

“Steven Hawley has written, and Patagonia has brilliantly supported, an undamming guide highly effective past something I believed doable in a time of cynicism, greed, and cave-troll politics. Cracked is itself a mass-breaching of the lies, corruption, and betrayals which have fueled an insane parade of dam-building by disembodied bureaucracies and totalitarian governments worldwide. From starting to finish, this guide is a tour de pressure.” 

— David James Duncan, activist / creator of The River Why and Brothers Ok

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