The most effective factor about proudly owning laying hens is getting farm-fresh eggs. There’s nothing higher than going out to the nesting field to see what number of eggs have been laid, gathering them, and bringing them inside. Hens begin laying eggs as soon as they attain roughly six months of age. Don’t be concerned about discovering a rooster—he’s solely wanted if you need these eggs fertilized for hatching.

When you accumulate your eggs, you need to have the ability to use them with the peace of thoughts that they are fit for human consumption. Whether or not you wish to scramble them that day or fry them later, understanding the best way to correctly clear and retailer all of your recent eggs is extraordinarily essential.

Inform If an Egg is Recent
Your hen may lay someplace apart from her nesting field, which implies you may stumble throughout a bunch of eggs and never understand how lengthy they’ve been there. I’ve discovered myself on this state of affairs earlier than, and even found a pile of eggs in my backyard mattress one time.

Questioning in the event that they’re nonetheless recent? Right here’s what you do:

Seize a glass of heat water. Gently place the egg within the water. Your egg will do one in every of three issues. It would sink and lay horizontally, which tells you that it’s recent. It would sink and stand vertically, telling you it’s nonetheless recent, simply greater than a day outdated. Lastly, it would float, which implies it is not recent and may in all probability not be eaten (at the least by you, however you may all the time feed it again to the chickens or your canine).

I like this fast and straightforward check, particularly once you get extra eggs than you understand what to do with and don’t undergo them quick.

Clear Your Eggs
The subsequent most essential factor to know is the best way to clear your eggs. The cool factor about recent eggs is that they do not require washing if they’re clear. Freshly laid eggs have a pure coating on them referred to as a “bloom.” This is sort of a secret protecting layer that retains micro organism out of the egg, sealing it and protecting it recent for months. So in case your egg is clear, with no seen feces or filth, preserve the egg as is (which is able to preserve the bloom intact) and depart it out on the counter.

Nonetheless, if there’s waste, one other cracked egg, or one thing that makes the shell soiled, you may wish to wash the egg. You need to use one in every of two strategies.

The primary is named dry-cleaning, and that can preserve the bloom intact. To do that, seize an outdated sponge, paper towel, or scrubber and gently scrub off the gross. The bloom will nonetheless be intact, so you may retailer it on the counter.

The second methodology is named wet-cleaning and won’t preserve the bloom intact. To do that, you could use heat water. In case you use chilly water, the egg inside will shrink and will enable for micro organism to return in. Utilizing heat water swells the egg and retains the barrier closed. You may rinse off your eggs or fill a bowl of heat water and gently scrub with a fabric or paper towel till clear. With this methodology, the bloom is now not intact, so you’ll have to retailer these eggs within the fridge. You’ll want to wipe your eggs dry after washing.

In case you discover a few of your eggs are cracked, it is in good follow to not eat them. For the reason that bloom seal is damaged, there’s potential for micro organism to get inside. Most nations solely promote eggs which were washed and graded and now not have a bloom intact, which is why it’s a must to preserve store-bought eggs within the fridge.

Storing Your Eggs
You may retailer your dry-cleaned recent eggs on the counter for one to 2 months. Alternatively, you may preserve eggs (washed or not) within the fridge even longer, nearer to 6 months. It is a good suggestion to place a date on your eggs container so you understand precisely once you put them in. In case you neglect, confer with the freshness check above.

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