Coyote meat is completely edible however one thing of an acquired style. 

Many individuals refuse to eat coyote as a result of it seems a lot like a home canine, whereas its fame as a unclean animal places others off. 

I can perceive why folks might balk on the thought of consuming coyote; in spite of everything, they eat nearly something, together with no matter they discover in your rubbish can. 

Coyotes are opportunistic omnivores with a wide-ranging weight loss program that may embody rodents, rabbits, frogs, and even bugs. Additionally they take pleasure in varied vegatables and fruits, together with berries and melons. 

Sadly, coyotes may even feed on decomposing carcasses, a habits that may negatively influence the flavour of their meat. 

Is Coyote Meat Protected to Eat?

When cooked totally, coyote meat is simply as protected as some other wild meat. The cooking course of destroys any nasty toxins or pathogens that is perhaps current within the meat. 

As with different wild meats, coyotes might comprise a parasite referred to as trichinella. A kind of roundworm, trichinella, may cause a parasitic an infection that causes stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. 

You’ll be able to remove the chance of contracting trichinella by cooking coyote meat totally. Meaning cooking it “till the juices run clear and the meat is now not pink.” 

You must use a meat thermometer to cut back the chance of food-borne illness. Coyote meat is barely suitable for eating as soon as it reaches an inside temperature of round 160°F.

Coyotes are additionally liable to widespread illnesses, together with rabies. Though “thorough cooking will inactivate the rabies virus,” it is best to nonetheless keep away from consuming contaminated animals. 

When you shoot an animal exhibiting indicators of sickness, it’s greatest to discard the meat slightly than threat an infection by consuming it. You also needs to watch out when dealing with the animal, as coming into contact with the uncooked meat could be dangerous.

Equally, in case you shoot a coyote within the stomach, the intestinal contents can contaminate the meat, rendering it inedible. 

What Does Coyote Meat Style Like?

Coyote meat has a powerful taste and gristly texture that many individuals discover off-putting. Others discover it tastes much like pork, whereas others say it tastes like a cross between hen and venison.

The flavour of coyote meat varies seasonally on account of adjustments within the animal’s weight loss program. A coyote hunted within the winter will style far nicer than one shot through the summer time months. 

In summer time, chances are you’ll must soak coyote meat in a brine resolution to tenderize and cleanse the meat. Including antibacterial herbs like garlic and ginger additionally reduces micro organism buildup and enhances the flavour. 

It is because the recent climate causes meat to rot sooner, that means that coyotes feed on extra carrion and decomposing meat through the summer time than within the winter. 

Lean cuts of coyote meat are usually extra flavorful because the fats can add an disagreeable, gamey taste to the meat.   

Is it Authorized to Hunt and Eat Coyote? 

In most states, looking coyote all yr spherical is authorized, though often solely throughout sunlight hours. You’ll be able to hunt coyotes in lots of locations without having a particular allow or license, though it will depend on the season. 

In Missouri, as an illustration, “coyote hunters should additionally possess an unfilled spring turkey looking allow” in the event that they need to hunt throughout spring turkey season, which often runs from April 17 to Could 7.

Some states supply bounties to coyote hunters, with Texas awarding as much as “$5 for every wolf, coyote, panther, or bobcat” and Utah providing as much as “$50 for every correctly documented coyote.”

In some areas, there are restrictions on the kind of weapon and ammunition that could be used to kill a coyote. 

In Virginia, it’s “illegal to hunt with a rifle bigger than twenty-two one-hundredths of an inch (.22) caliber rim fireplace.” In Massachusetts, there isn’t a restriction “on dimension or caliber of rifles or handguns” when looking through the day, however nighttime hunters are restricted to a .22 caliber rifle.

Most individuals choose to hunt coyotes in winter when the animals feed on extra contemporary meat and fewer carrion. Coyotes even have fewer parasites through the winter months, making their meat extra palatable. 

Is Coyote Meat Good for You?

Coyote meat has extra dietary worth than most of the meats you discover within the grocery store. Not solely is it excessive in protein and low in fats, but it surely’s additionally wealthy in riboflavin, which our our bodies want to interrupt down fat, produce vitality, and develop cells.

It’s additionally a very good supply of iron and zinc, which assist ship oxygen to your muscle tissue and assist your immune system. 

How you can Put together Coyote Meat 

Coyote meat is surprisingly versatile, particularly in case you take away the fats first. Coyote fats has an uncommon chemical-like taste and scent that may detract from the wealthy taste of the meat. 

Chop your coyote meat into chunks and add bacon drippings and Worcestershire to create a mouth-watering stew, or grind it into minced meat to make a firecracker chili. 

When you choose to grill your meat, you’ll first need to marinate your coyote steaks for a number of hours. A easy marinade utilizing apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and seasoning attracts out the flavour of the meat, particularly if left in a single day. 

As soon as marinated, cook dinner your coyote steaks gently and slowly till they attain an inside temperature of 160°F, after which serve with a spicy sauce. 

You may as well whip up a coyote casserole, utilizing creamy soups and wine to mix all of the flavors. 

When you’re feeling notably adventurous, you possibly can even rework the perfect cuts of your coyote into jerky by marinading and drying it in a dehydrator. 


You could solely get round 15 to 18 lbs of edible meat from a single coyote, however that’s nonetheless sufficient for about 60 to 70 four-ounce servings. In different phrases, one coyote might feed a household of 4 for over two weeks!

Though roughly 320,000 coyotes are hunted yearly, many of the meat is discarded, although it’s completely suitable for eating. With round 34 million People dealing with meals insecurity and starvation, that’s an infinite waste. 

Not solely is coyote meat edible, but it surely’s additionally wholesome and nutritious and will present a sustainable meals supply for tens of millions of individuals.

In contrast to different animals which might be greatest eaten within the spring or summer time, coyote meat tastes greatest through the winter, providing a superb supply of protein at a time when different sources are unavailable. 

You could not discover coyote meat on the menu in a elaborate restaurant, but it surely may very well be an important survival meals or a more healthy and extra sustainable various to beef. 


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