If you happen to suppose snakes are cool, you’ll completely love this. On Might 21, John McCombie, a snake fanatic from Pennsylvania, got here throughout a stunningly pale serpent. “So, I [had] an epic second right now,” wrote McCombie in a Fb publish. “This present day will go down within the historical past e-book.”

The “epic second” McCombie is referring to is an encounter with an all-white timber rattlesnake. McCombie was an everyday timber rattler—which generally have a patterned grey-brown coloration—when the small pale snake caught his eye. “Primarily based on its dimension, it was born final yr between the tip of August and mid-September, so it’s doubtless lower than 1 yr outdated,” McCombie informed Newsweek. “It was solely about 12 to fifteen inches lengthy. It remained coiled up your complete time, so I couldn’t get a precise measurement. I watched this snake for over an hour and it did little or no motion.”

The white snake nearly actually suffers from albinism, an inherited genetic situation that inhibits the physique’s manufacturing of melanin. Albinism is distinct from leucism, which leads to solely a partial lack of pigmentation. On this case, the rattler’s pink-and-white eyes are a transparent indication that it’s albino and never leucistic.

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In accordance with Smithsonian’s Nationwide Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute, timber rattlesnakes are widespread throughout the U.S. They’re venomous however are thought-about extra docile than different rattlesnakes, and bites on people are uncommon. Albinism is uncommon in wild rattlesnakes, particularly as a result of albino snakes are unable to mix into their environments in addition to their usually pigmented counterparts—resulting in elevated mortality. McCombie didn’t disclose the precise location of the albino rattler and left it undisturbed.

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