Sooner or later, fishing simply went full velocity forward with know-how. There are massive debates about dwell sonar and whether or not or not you possibly can even be aggressive if you happen to don’t use the newest innovation. Nevertheless, anglers are sometimes fast to neglect to make use of a number of the know-how that has been round for a very long time.

I used to be reminded of this a number of years in the past whereas visiting my buddy’s automotive store. He broke out a small corded digicam to see a good area across the automotive’s motor. I believed this was a good suggestion, however was shocked when he informed me in regards to the mechanic digicam’s enormous price ticket. My instant thought was that my underwater fishing digicam would do the identical job and was manner inexpensive.

This obtained me fascinated about the place else most anglers aren’t making the most of the advantages of an underwater digicam. So listed below are seven situations the place you must think about using an underwater digicam.

Water Readability

Water readability is an enormous deal for a lot of various kinds of fishing. Generally you don’t need it too soiled, different instances, not too clear. The optical high quality, lights, and inferred choices on underwater cameras have come to this point within the final twenty years that I take advantage of my digicam simply to test water readability.

Usually what we see on the floor shouldn’t be what it’s 5, ten, or much more ft down the place our lures are literally at. A fast drop of a digicam offers you an actual indication as to what water readability is under the floor.

Species ID

This needs to be apparent, however I can let you know a number of guys on my residence lake fish gizzard shad for hours pondering that they’re an enormous faculty of walleyes. In equity, they appear very comparable on sonar, however a fast drop of a digicam is a certain technique to reveal what’s lurking under.

Many event fishermen use these on constructions that they could have fished with a purposely hook-free bait to keep away from “sore mouthing” them earlier than a event. Whether or not it’s a fish on a mattress or one in a tree, an underwater digicam is a significantly better technique to see what’s happening with out spooking the them for later.

Cowl ID

We’ve all had that one spot that simply appears to have fish when different areas that look the identical don’t. Often what anglers discover is that the rocks are totally different in measurement, or the weed sort or backside composition is only a contact totally different.

Figuring all of those variables out with a rod in your hand is way much less environment friendly than simply dropping down a digicam for constructive identification. This makes it a lot simpler to seek out new areas which have the identical traits as your favourite spot.


Within the winter it’s secure to say you will discover at the least a few movies on social media every week of somebody that used an underwater digicam to retrieve private gadgets comparable to a cellphone or automotive keys from the lake backside.

The identical could possibly be mentioned for open water as properly. Utilizing an underwater digicam on the dock makes it a lot simpler to retrieve those self same gadgets that have a tendency to finish up on the lake backside.


Simply probably the most underrated motive you must use an underwater digicam is for schooling. I’ve taught myself to fish many various strategies by watching how they honestly react on an underwater digicam.

Traditional lures like a Jigging Rapala has little nuances as you barely regulate the quantity of slack or cadence. Minute modifications so small—that I dare you to see them by simply watching one other angler’s fingers whereas fishing—make a world of distinction relating to catching.

The identical could possibly be mentioned for a blade bait, most do not know how far they’re moved within the water column with only a slight increase of the rod tip. The listing might go on ceaselessly, however what higher technique to see what you’re really doing to your lure than to look at it dwell?

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing must be the kind of fishing that makes use of underwater cameras probably the most. Whereas normally I nonetheless desire a sonar unit to really fish with, there are situations the place underwater cameras shine outdoors of these areas beforehand talked about.

Maybe the most important can be in shallow water. Conventional sonar has a really small cone, and you’ll solely see fish in an space in regards to the diameter of a bucket. When that is the case, a digicam is best as a result of you possibly can hold it both vertically or horizontally to see a a lot bigger piece of the water column.


Let me pose this example to you. The dryer vent is seemingly clogged or the dishwasher line has a difficulty, however you possibly can’t get in there to see what’s happening. A fast drop of your underwater digicam and you’ll see what is definitely taking place.

I’ve taped it to a brush deal with greater than as soon as to get eyes on an in any other case inaccessible space. If there ever was a greater technique to persuade your vital different that you just wanted all of that fishing gear, I would like to listen to it.

One other space that you should think about using an underwater digicam for is boat rigging or upkeep. A digicam excels in areas the place you are attempting to run a wire or test for clearance under an space you wish to drill in.

I assume the purpose is, that an underwater digicam isn’t only for ice fishing and even the boat. Many alternative situations will pop up for an outdoorsman the place an underwater digicam makes life simpler or possibly even saves the day.

Tell us within the remark part under the inventive makes use of that you just’ve discovered in your underwater digicam.

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