Which cartridge comes out on prime in a 300 Win Magazine vs. 30-06 comparability? For starters, if you will discover two nearer opponents, I don’t know what they is likely to be. In nearly each recognition survey I’ve learn, these two are inside a single place of one another: If the ’06 ranks #3, then the magnum  is available in at #4. And vice-versa on the subsequent survey.

The 30-06 was created by the U.S. Military, and has been with us since 1906. The 300 Win Magazine was dreamed up by Winchester, and first noticed the sunshine of day in 1963. The ’06 is an effective candidate for Greatest Cartridge Ever Made. Nobody has been in a position to enhance on it. It has succeeded at each use to which it has been put. It’s in all probability the most-produced and widely-used cartridge in historical past. The 300 Win Magazine, which was designed strictly for looking, has discovered a brand new lease on life as a sniper cartridge. It kicks much more than the 30-06, and has a brief neck which supplies some folks matches, but it surely’s extra correct than the old-timer, and much better at lengthy vary. In different phrases, it’s a really shut race, and allow us to see who wins in a head-to-head 300 Win Magazine vs. 30-06 shootout.

30-06 Springfield, the Commonplace Bearer

Let’s begin this off with mountains. Mount Everest is probably the most well-known mountain on this planet. Regardless of the quantity of people that die on it annually, your probabilities of getting killed attempting to summit are solely about 4 p.c. The true killers are two Himalayan peaks known as Annapurna and Okay-2, each of which supply a 30 p.c likelihood of cashing in. However who’s heard of them? Everest stays the mountain in opposition to which all others are measured.

Thus it’s with the 30-06. It’s the Mount Everest of cartridges. It’s been round so lengthy and has achieved such huge success on so many fronts, that about the one factor you possibly can examine it to is the .22 Lengthy Rifle. However, because the British say, we should keep on regardless.

The 30-06 started in 1903, because the U.S. Cartridge Mannequin of 1903. It was developed by the U.S. Military, however the Military rapidly realized that it was not so good as the 8mm Mauser cartridge the Germans had developed, so it was redesigned, loaded for a lot increased velocity, and redesignated as U.S. Cartridge Mannequin of 1906, or 30-06. It had the nice good luck to be chambered in two iconic rifles, the Mannequin 1903 Springfield and, later, within the M-1 Garand.

This 30-06 load from Winchester mimics the specs of issued ammunition from WWII. Winchester Ammunition

Nearly instantly, the ’06 caught on as a sporting cartridge as properly. Teddy Roosevelt took a Mannequin 1895 Winchester lever-action 30-06 with him to Africa in 1909, the place he shot virtually the whole lot with it and missed virtually the whole lot as properly. One of many first hunters to take all of the Boone and Crockett trophies was Grancel Fitz, who did it within the Nineteen Thirties, ’40s, and ’50s with a 30-06. You title it, and the ’06 has excelled at it.

Since outing of thoughts, the ’06 had been loaded with what might be the widest vary of bullet weights of any cartridge, beginning with the absurd 110-grain slug and ending with the extremely helpful 220-grain. The preferred loadings are in 150-, 165-, and 180-grain weights. Velocities vary from very near 3000 fps to 2700, and when you embody the 220, 2500. A 30-06 can perform very properly with a 22-inch barrel or a 24-inch. This, to me, is a promoting level.

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Historical past of the 300 Winchester Magnum

This 300 Win Magazine is the most well-liked .30 magnum of all, and it hit the market in 1963. It was Winchester’s .30-caliber contribution to the magnum craze, which was then what lengthy vary is immediately. Very sensibly, Winchester didn’t try to compete with the way more highly effective and far harder-kicking 300 Weatherby Magnum. They necked down a .338 case to .308, pushed the shoulder ahead, and shortened the neck. This created numerous powder house, in a case that was quick sufficient to work by means of a standard-length motion.

Browning BXS in .300 Win Mag.
Browning BXS in 300 Win Magazine has a strong copper bullet for elevated penetration on huge sport. Browning Ammunition

The 300 Win Magazine was a hit from the get-go, each for looking and in long-range goal capturing. Bullet weights vary from 165 grains to 220, and velocities from 3300 to 2850. A 300 Win Magazine will need to have a 24-inch barrel. Shorter than that and you’ve got a 30-06 that wastes powder. To me this isn’t a promoting level.

Which is Higher: Head-to-Head Comparability

To choose a winner within the 300 Win Magazine vs. 30-06 matchup, it’s essential to take a detailed have a look at all of the components which may make one cartridge higher than one other. So, right here’s the breakdown:

300 Win Magazine vs. 30-06: Recoil

This one is a no brainer. On the typical, an 8-pound 30-06 produces round 20-foot kilos of recoil, which is properly throughout the tolerance of most shooters. You don’t want a heavy rifle, and also you don’t want a muzzle brake until there’s one thing the matter with you.

The 300 Win Magazine, then again, kicks. The recoil calculator says it seems round 26 foot-pounds, which I believe is a lowball determine, as a result of the spherical gives you a rap. I’d not be proud of a gun of lower than 9 kilos, or if lighter, if there was one thing the matter with me, a muzzle brake.

Winner: The 30-06.

300 Win Magazine vs. 30-06: Accuracy

Right here, the 30-06 operates beneath a handicap. There have been so many rifles chambered for it over so a few years, and a lot ammo of wildly differing high quality produced, that it’s inconceivable to make any type of basic rule. I’ve shot heaps and many 06’s and possibly probably the most clever factor I can say is {that a} good ’06, fed good ammunition, can shoot about in addition to every other looking rifle.

The 300 Win Magazine, in response to concept, shouldn’t shoot as precisely because the 30-06 as a result of it burns significantly extra powder, and it’s provable that because the powder cost will increase, accuracy decreases. Extra powder produces extra recoil, which has a particular impact on teams; it additionally will increase the rifle’s vibration, which additionally influences the place the bullets go.

And but the 300 Win Magazine has had a deserved status for being exceedingly correct from the start. This was greatest summed up by South Carolina’s legendary custom-gun builder Kenney Jarrett. The primary two rifles he made for me had been 338s. When he delivered the second, he mentioned, “Now, when you’d like one thing that actually shoots, let me make you a 300 Win Magazine.” He did, and it did.

In 2010, in gentle of our expertise in Afghanistan, the Amy determined we wanted a sniper rifle with extra attain than the 308 Mannequin 24, which was good to about 800 meters. The boys in camo went instantly to the 300 Win Magazine, loaded with 190-grain bullets at 2,800 fps, and ended up with the M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle, which is efficient to 1300 meters.

So correct is the 300 Win Magazine that it appears to group properly even when it shouldn’t. A former Taking pictures Editor of Subject & Stream had, as a favourite looking rifle, a crude and horribly ugly 300 Win Magazine whose barrel was clearly screwed into the receiver crooked. When he confronted the gunsmith who constructed the rifle about this, the gunsmith admitted that he did the work when he was drunk. The rifle was extremely correct nonetheless.

Winner: Relating to accuracy, the 300 Win Magazine vs. 30-06 matchup has a transparent winner. It’s the 300 Win Magazine, by fairly a margin.

300 Win Magazine vs. 30-06: Value, Selection, and Availability of Ammo

Someplace there have to be an ammo maker who doesn’t load for the ’06, however I don’t know who that is likely to be. It is extremely doubtless probably the most broadly distributed cartridge on this planet, and has been for a few years. Ought-six ammo is available in all value ranges and levels of high quality, a few of which I’d not shoot on a wager.

Clear Winner: The 30-06.

Federal Premium Terminal Ascent ammo.
Federal’s Terminal Ascent is one instance in a variety of high quality ammunition out there for the 30-06. Federal Ammunition

300 Win Magazine vs. 30-06: Effectiveness on Recreation

The 30-06 has in all probability killed all the inhabitants of Noah’s Ark, excepting just a few species which have turn out to be extinct since Outdated Testomony instances. It’ll drop something. But this versatility is usually a handicap, as a result of there may be a lot completely different ammo loaded for it that confusion reigns, and inexperienced shooters come to grief thereby. On the backside of the checklist is the 110-grain loading which, I imagine, is meant for varmint capturing. Get actual.

As soon as click on above are the 125- and 130-grain loadings, that are supposed for deer and antelope. I’ve by no means used them, and don’t know anybody who has. If you wish to shoot bullets this gentle, get a smaller cartridge that kicks much less. Then comes the 150-grain, which is the primary loading that is sensible up to now. It’s for deer, and it travels at shut to three,000 fps. In case you use quick-expanding bullets similar to Nosler Ballistic Suggestions or Sierra Professional Hunters, they kill like electrocution.

The 165-grain 30-06 is usually touted as the perfect all-around weight. It’s good, however the perfect it ain’t. The late Tom McIntyre, I recall, used 165s quite a bit and thought very extremely of them. The true all-around greatest bullet is the 180. The standard manufacturing unit load continues to be, I believe, 2,700 fps, which can do OK, however when you handload you may get 2,850. With robust bullets, such because the Swift A-Frames or Sciroccos or the Nosler Protected Level, there may be hardly something you possibly can’t tackle.

For actually huge sport, the factories have loaded 220-grain bullets, that are handicapped by low velocities and rainbow trajectories. A lot better is the 200-grainer, and the champion in that weight class is the Swift A-Body. Once I went to Namibia in 2000, I took a 30-06 loaded with 180-grain Winchester Fail-Safes, which was an excellent bullet. So many animals went down with one shot that once I lastly did miss one thing, the PH accused me of screwing round with him. That’s how good the 30-06 is.

The .300 Win Magazine is for large sport at lengthy vary, interval. It’s method, method an excessive amount of for something much less. In case you use a bullet lighter than 180 grains, you’re in all probability brain-damaged, and the perfect bullets are within the 200-grain class. The longer the vary, the heavier your slug must be.

Winner: A tie in the case of knocking issues flat. What one will do, the opposite will do. If you wish to think about versatility, the 30-06 has a transparent edge.

Man with rifle looking through spotting scope.
The 300 Win Magazine was constructed for long-distance photographs, however with the suitable bullets and optics, the 30-06 can carry out at longer ranges as properly. Federal Ammunition

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300 Win Magazine vs. 30-06: Barrel Life

Relating to barrel life, 300 Win Magazine vs. 30-06 is just about a moot level for many hunters. The widely accepted determine for the 30-06 is 3,000 to 4,000 rounds of first-class accuracy, relying on the way it’s shot. Because the 300 Win Magazine has the identical bore diameter however holds considerably extra powder, I’d say it’s good for two,500 to three,000 rounds. Both method, that’s plenty of capturing, and only a few hunters will burn out a barrel for both cartridge. An ’06 barrel will certainly last more, however I wouldn’t let that preserve you from shopping for a 300 Win Magazine.

Winner: The 30-06.

300 Win Magazine vs. 30-06: Ease of Handloading

There aren’t any quirks, methods, or peculiarities to both spherical. I’ve heard a lot manufactured from the 300’s quick neck, and the issues it will possibly current, similar to bullet intrusion into the powder house, however in actual life I’ve discovered no difficulties. The 30-06 works properly with medium-slow and sluggish powders, whereas the magnum is sluggish powders solely.

Winner: Very narrowly, the 30-06

300 Win Magazine vs. 30-06: Efficiency at Lengthy Vary

Most likely this class shouldn’t be in right here, however what the hell. The 300 Win Magazine was designed as a long-range cartridge, and the 30-06 was designed for an infantry rifle whose most efficient vary for aimed hearth was 460 yards, which immediately is just not terribly lengthy.

Winner: The 300 Win Magazine. Nonetheless, it’s extra sophisticated than that. Due to such wonders as laser rangefinders and drop-compensating scopes and ballistic calculators and manufacturing unit drop tables, you possibly can tremendously lengthen the vary of a 30-06. Individuals do it on a regular basis with far much less highly effective cartridges.

And the winner is…

The 30-06. How may I probably decide the rest in a 300 Win Magazine vs. 30-06 comparability? I’d have to enter hiding. The 300 Win Magazine is an excellent cartridge on all counts, but it surely’s a specialised long-range spherical, which, until you’re going to make use of it at lengthy vary, goes to work in opposition to you.

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